I am a photographer, life organizer and coach, and sustainable living advocate based in San Francisco. Photography has been coursing through my veins since at least the ripe young age of four when I remember sitting on a stool in my father’s darkroom to watch images appear on paper floating in trays of liquid.

My photographs have been exhibited nationally and published in journals that include yes!, The Adirondack Review, The Sun, grist, and Resurgence as well as in numerous creative collaborations. My photographs of divestment rallies at Rutgers University in 1985 were included in Mandela’s Life, Legacy Recalled on New Jersey Public Television.

During the twenty years before officially “coming out of the darkroom” as a photographer in my own right, I worked with photojournalist Ed Kashi, The New York Times Magazine, The Industry Standard, Natural History Magazine, Mother Jones, the International Center of Photography, the Labor Archives and Research Center, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, and the library of Mary Ellen Mark, among others.

With or without my camera in tow, I love how marveling at the small things in life can make them bigger while making the bigger things smaller. Elephants are one exception. They are always big, and I always marvel at them.